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Today’s best hearing aids are intelligent and provide life-changing benefits to improve health and wellness. By amplifying sounds you want to hear and diminishing sounds you don’t, the best hearing aids offer superior sound quality designed to ensure you never miss the moments that matter most.

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Frequently asked questions

At their most basic, hearing aids are microphones that convert sound into electrical signals. An amplifier increases the strength of the signal, then a receiver converts it back to sound and channels it into the ear canal through a small tube or earmold. A battery is necessary to power the hearing aid and to enable amplification.

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There are several factors that will determine which hearing aid will be the right one for you. They include the nature and severity of your hearing loss, your lifestyle and the activities you regularly enjoy, your job, your eyesight and dexterity, and the size and shape of your outer ear and inner ear canal. You can start with our Hearing Aid Finder Tool, though ultimately your hearing professional should advise you as to the best choice for you.

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Two-ear hearing (called "binaural") is better than one. If you have hearing loss in only one ear, you may be fine with one hearing aid. Age and noise-related hearing loss tend to affect both ears, but your hearing profile for each ear is probably different. If there is a loss in both ears, you will probably benefit more with a binaural solution. Today, about two-thirds of new users opt for dual hearing aids, and as a group they report a higher level of satisfaction than purchasers of a single hearing aid.

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The use of face masks and social distancing is proven to reduce speech audibility, as well as eliminate important lip-reading cues. Hearing aids — and features like our Edge Mode and Mask Mode — help offset speech audibility loss in numerous ways to help make it easier to hear people who are wearing masks.

Starkey has pediatric-friendly products and program offerings designed to help you tackle your child's hearing loss head-on.

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The price of a hearing aid will vary depending on the specific style and features you choose. Most hearing professionals offer financing plans and you may qualify for other discounts through your insurance provider or another source.

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Yes. Please inquire with your hearing care professional where you purchased your hearing aids from for precise details. But it is important to give yourself a reasonable chance to adjust to your hearing aid, knowing it often takes a few months to get comfortable.

When seeking treatment for hearing loss, be sure to select a hearing professional who understands the available technology and offers follow-up care. Find a professional near you, or call 0 800 22 32 42.

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